MD Simulation for Microscale Heat Transfer

Updated: '00/8/4

This material is for a short course at National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan in August, 2000.

1. Microscale Heat Tranfer

2. Fundamentals of Molecular Dynamics Method

3. Claculation of Equilibrium Properties

4. Molecular Dynamics of Phase-Interface

5. Nucleation Dynamics

Further Reading from a chapter in Advances in Numerical Heat Transfer

Materials for exersise

Visualizaion Software (pvwin)

Thermodyanic Properties of Lennard-Jones Fluid

Fortran Program for Simply outpuf file

Fortran Program for Simple MD

Complete Program (Periodic Boundary Condition)

Test Data for above program

Assignment Due 8/10 9:00

About the long-range correction of pressure!!



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