Assignmen of a Report, Due 8/10 9:00

Updated: '00/8/9

Simulate a stable vapor and a stable liquid conditions.
Describe followings.

TIPS: Use periodic2 to calculate. Then, pressure for pressure.dat.
NOTE: Long-range correction in included for potential energy but not included in pressure.
Hints: Try the following way.

  1. Determine temperaure and number density for vapor or liquid system.
  2. Determine N and Box size from density and Tini from temperaure.
  3. Do calculate periodic2.exe Try changing many parameters.
  4. Do calculate mkmask.exe
  5. Use pvutility to make pv.
  6. Check and copy a bitmap file
  7. Draw T, Ek, Ep, and Ek+Ep (Long range correction is already included by periodic2.exe)
  8. Get the average values
  9. Do calculate press.exe
  10. Draw pressure (You must add Long-range correction by yourself)
  11. Get the average values
  12. Calculate the Rhee and Nicolas values by ljphase.exe


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