Visualization Program of MD Results
for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Japanese mode is here

(Updated 2002/5/15) Version 4.04

ABOUT this program

pvwin.exe: Visualization Program (Uses Binary data file *.pv)
pvutility.exe: Converter of a text file into a binary file used in pvwin.exe
This conversion by pvutility can be possible by your own C program. Some sample C programs are available with sample data


1. Download pvwin execution files ( [MUST]

2. Download pvutility files (mMUST to visualize your data]

3. Download samples data ( [your may want these, and sample C programs for conversion are included

4. Download makeball program ( [It is necessary when your change color palette of molecules

Default color in ball.bmp! From TOP LEFT to RIGHT 0,1,2,3..

5. Download source codes of pvwin ( [to modify PVWIN.EXE, you will need Borland C++Builder Ver. 5.0

Preparation of ascci data file

FAQ for pvwin

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