Kataura-Plot for Resonant Raman

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Updated: '02/1/18

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Here, the overlap integral gamma0 = 2.9 eV, bond length acc = 0.144 nm
and the Radial Breathing Mode (RBM) frequency (cm-1) = 248 / Diameter (nm)

For Normal and Zoomable Kataura plots click each pictures.
Left one have linear diameter axis and right one have linear Raman shift axis
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for (n,m)

Tabulated data for metalic tubes
Tabulated data for semiconductor tubes
Tabulated data for both

n, m, metal nor not, diameter (A), chiral angle (deg.), peakposition from Fermi level (eV), peakhight
are tabulated. You can reproduce abobe graphs very easily!

For One-dimensional DOS for each chiralities,

Sample (10,10)

click either full table type or chirality picture type below.

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