FAQ for Nanotube coordinate generator

Updated: '02/12/13

> This program is to create SWCNT , this is very useful to me but how can I
> make a MWCNT with this program?

It is quite easy to make MWNTs, because the
coordinates can be made just the super-impose of

If you want to make the super-impose of binary
files *.pv, you can use our utility program pvutility.exe
Download pvutil.zip

First, you should make two pv files with different
diameters. Rename swnt_pos.pv to arbitrary name
each time, say pos1.pv and pos2.pv

1. Run pvutility.exe
2. Select [File Processing] tab.
3. Select [Combine PVs]
4. Drag & Drop pos1.pv to Input File 1:
5. Drag & Drop pos2.pv to Input File 2:
6. Input the output File:, say pos12.pv
7. Push Run

You have DWNT pos12.pv.
You can just continue to super-impose more files.

An example is below: (10,10)@(15,15)@(20,20)@(25,25)


Contact: maruyama [at] photon.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp