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Manipulations Mouse Actions Key
Popup Menu Right click [M]
Rotate in 3D Left click and Drag  (hold down mouse left button while moving the pointer) [R]
Zoom [Shift] and Left click and Drag   or   Right click > Mouse > Zoom        + Left click and drag [Z]
Translate [Ctrl]   and Left click and Drag   or   Right click > Mouse > Translate + Left click and drag [T]
Rotate in plane X^Y [Alt]    and Left click and Drag   or   Right click > Mouse > Rotate XY + Left click and drag [X]

Menus Options Actions Key Shortcuts
Spin Model auto-rotation [I]
Animation Multi-models molecular animation [J]
Display Wireframe Multi-bonds wireframe representation [W]
Stick Cylinder bonds representation [S]
Ball & Stick Atoms and bonds representation[K]
Ball Spherical atoms representation (Van der Walls radii) [B]
Backbone Backbone alpha carbons representation for Proteins (Ca-Ca) and oxygen phosphoester for Nucleic acids (O3'-O3') .
Color CPK Atom CPK color coding scheme according to atom (element) type [A]
Residues Amino Acids or Nucleotides color coding scheme .
Shapely Residues colour scheme derived from Rasmol (Bob Flettericks' "Shapely Models") .
Group Spectral colour scheme based on residues position in protein/nucleotide sequence
(blue = amino / 5' to red = carboxy / 3')
Chain Chains (or models) color scheme [C]
Temperature Spectral colour scheme based on protein anisotropic temperature (B factor)
(blue = cold to red = hot')
User User defined plain colour (32 supported colours, see Colour Table) . .
Options Hydrogen View/Mask Hydrogen [H]
Labels Atoms labeling [L]
Fastmove Wireframe style on move [F]
Lighting Ambient lighting (over/under expose model and background) .
Reset Initial size and position [O]
Select Identity Identify pointed atom or group [Y]
Distance Interatomic distance measure [D]
Angle Bonds angle measure [V]
Torsion Dihedral angle measure [N]
Highlight Highlight preselected atoms or molecule regions [G]
About Molecule Molecule name, number of atoms, bonds, groups [E]
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