Nanotube coordinate generator with a viewer for Windows

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Updated: '04/9/14

With our program you can make Cartesian coordinates of nanotubes with
specified (n, m) chirality.
The unitcell length or arbitrary length can be chosed.
Molecular viewer is also included.
The wrapping process of a graphitic sheet to a nanotube can be animated.
Download the following file: (568 KB)

(10,5) Nanotube:
tube length is 2xunitcell,

Quick Usage:

  1. After downloading, melt it to a folder. It is ready to use. No installations are necessary.
  2. Run wrapping.exe. Specify chiral index (n, m), bond length a, tube length, and boundary length.
    The boundary length is only for the visualization purpose: Specify a larger value or the same value as tube length.
    Hitting [unitcell] button, the tube length and boundary length are set as the unitcell length for your (n, m).
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE for user of European version of Windows:
    In the input line for the bond distance you just have to change the "dot" to a "comma",  if one is using the European windows version.!
    Thanks to Prof. Dr. K.-P. Dinse for the advice!
  4. Other parameters of wrapping.exe (Usually not necessary to change)
  5. Then, push [Make pos.dat] button. After answering OK to 2 boxes, a ascii data file named
    "swnt_pos.dat" is made in the same folder as the program. Here, ignoring 7 header lines,
    "swnt_pos.dat" describes x, y, z Cartesian coordinates with Angstrom units.
  6. Then, Push [Make pv file] button.
    A command line program below is processed.
    >hpvc.exe swnt_pos.dat swnt_pos.pv
    The ascii file swnt_pos.dat is converted to a binary file swnt_pos.pv for the
    following visualization program.
    Depending on your operating system, this process may not be done. Then,
    just use the DOS prompt, change to the directly and type the command.
    >hpvc.exe swnt_pos.dat swnt_pos.pv
  7. Then, Push [pvwin] button.
    A command line program below is processed.
    >pvwin.exe swnt_pos.pv
    Now, you can manipulate the visulalization program.
    It is also possible to drag&drop "swnt_pos.pv" file to "pvwin.exe" program.
  8. See menus of pvwin.exe for enlargement, rotaion, animation, Bitmap output,
    windows metafile output and more.
    "pvwin.exe" is a subset of general visualization program for molecular dynamics resutls.
    See more details for our homepage.
    It is quite powerful program and most of animations in our animation gallery were produced from this

---Below is a quick instruction to of the usage of pvwin.exe program--

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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