Interesting WWW Sites related to Fullerene and Nanotubes

Updated: '04/10/29
Nanotube-Site-Logo The Nanotube Site

Prof. Richard E. Smalley's Group at Rice

Image Gallery by Smalley Group

Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology at Rice

Prof. H. W. Kroto's Group at Sussex

Prof. David Tomanek Group at MichiganUniversity

Prof. Cees Dekker's group at Delft University

Prof. Charles M. Lieber group at Harvard University

Prof. Paul L. McEuen group at UC Berkeley

Prof. Alex Zettl group at UC Berkeley

Prof. Apparao M. Rao's group at Clemson University

IBM Research Group (Dr. Phaedon Avouris et al)

Prof. Hongjie Dai at Stanford

Prof. Daniel Resasco group at Oklahoma University

Prof. David E. Luzzi at University of Pennsylvania

Prof. Mildred S. Dresselhaus at MIT

Prof. Alain Peigney group at Universite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse

Prof. Pulickel M. Ajayan's group at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Prof. Jie Liu group at Duke University

Prof. Malcolm L. H. Green group at Oxford University

Prof. Tobias Hertel group at Max-Planck

NASA Johnson Space Center Nanotube site

Prof. R. Ruoff Group at Washington

Prof. John E. Fischer's Group at Pennsylvania

Prof. P. C. Eklund Group at Kentucky

Prof. Hans Kuzmany's Group at Wien

Prof. Morokuma's Nano group at Emory

Prof. Patrick Fowler at Exeter

Prof. Andreas Hirsch at Erlangen

Prof. Martin Saunder's group at Yale University

Bucky News Service

Carbon Nanotube Sites Collection by V. Meunier

Fullerene sites by Prof. Mark P. Barrow at the University of Warwick, and HP of Prof. Mark P. Barrow HP

Coordinates of Nanotubes

Valentin Popov's Nanotube Project ---Popov's Raman Spectrum

Japanese Groups

(chaired by Prof. H. Shinohara, formerly chaired by Prof. E. Osawa)

Fullerene Gallery by M. Yoshida: Coordinates of Fullerenes

Prof. S. Iijima's Group at Meijyo Univ., ICORP, JST, NEC

Prof. R. Saito at Tohoku University

Prof. Shinohara Group at Nagoya University;;; Shimada-kun's Collection(in Japanese)

Prof. Morinobu Endo at Shishu University

Prof. Kawazoe Group at Tohoku

Prof. Hiromichi Kataura at AIST moved from Tokyo Metropolitan

Prof. Katsumi Tanigaki group at Osaka City

Prof. Takashi Akasaka at Tsukuba

Prof. Susumu Okada at Tsukuba

Prof. Yahachi Saito at Mie Univ., Lab. in Japanese

Dr. Madoka Tokumoto at AIST

Dr. Nobutsugu Minami at AIST

Prof. Tetsu Mieno at Shizuoka University

Prof. Nagase Group Inst. Molecular Science

Servers related to Fullerene by Dr. Harigaya

Prof. Y. Achiba Group at Tokyo Metropolitan (in Japanese)

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