Reservation Tips for WONTON09 for Foreign Visitors

Updated: May 13, 2009

Hi. Now you are considering the flight reservation to Matsushima. The following is the tip for coming to Matsushima
(1) Airplane from Narita to Sendai

If you use the Star-Aliance airplane such as ANA or Lufthansa, there is a connection flight,

IBX(ANA)3131 Narita Sendai
10:30 11:35

ANA 3235 Narita Sendai
(Narita) 16:55 17:55

On the way back,

When you start hotel around 5:45am, you can take JR from Matsushima Kaigan station
(10min for walking with luggage)

Matsushima-Kaigan 6:07
Sendai 6:44 (arrived)
Sendai 7:06 (depart)
Sendai Airport 7:30

Mastushima-Kaigan = Sendai Airport 970yen.

ANA 3232 Sendai Narita
(Narita) 08:25 09:25

IBX 3134 Sendai Narita
16:05 17:00

If you are ok for this schedule, you can stay at the conference Hotel.
If you want to stay the hotel in front of Sendai station, we can reserve for you. In this case you can start around 6:45am.

There is no good hotels around the airport since the sendai airport is a local domestic airport.

If you buy the tickets independently, it is very expensive. If you buy the tickets combined
with star-alianced international flight, it costs 10,000 yen (80EURO) for each way.



If you buy 5 days JR-EAST pass, you can use any train of JR-EAST which cover
all areas including NARITA-TOKYO-SENDAI-MATSUSHIMA. Sinkansen (bullet train)
reservation can be avairable without additional charge.

5 days = $208 USD

This JR-EAST pass can be avairable in your country only BEFORE your coming to Japan.
If you want to go somewhere else, it is definitely recommended.

If you will use the morning flight of Narita, you need to move to Narita at night one day before.
We can reserve an inexpensive hotel (starting from 4000 yen) for you or you can
reserve many hotels near Narita
by internet.

See detail for JR-EAST Pass

If you want to go to Kyoto or Hiroshima and even Kyushu Island,
not JR-EAST but JR-pass is recommended. Please enjoy Japan!

(3) If you have a good flight to Nagoya, select it.

If you have a direct flight from your country to Nagoya (Centrair),
you can select this. From Nagoya to Sendai, there are many domestic flight and
the connection in Nagoya-airport is very convenient, since Nagoya-airport
has both international and domestic flight.

Nagoya Centrair Airport

(4) From China or Korea,

We have a direct flight from China or Korea to Sendai, please check the schedule.
Thank you.

(5) How to reserve Hotel in the other places in Japan,

Probably you can find an internet that reserve the hotel in Japan
(not in Matsushima). The price starts from 4,000 yen. Please enjoy
to find a cheap and tiny room of the hotel.

A good selection for should be

(1) Free shuttle to Narita airport (in the case of Narita)
(2) All you can eat style of breakfast.
(3) up to 6,000 yen. If you are an exective, up to 12,000 yen.
(Price generally is determined by not quality but the location etc.)

What I can recommend in Narita is Narita-Kikusui-Hotel which I usually used.
(not high quality, but very reasonbale, slightly far, dark road)

If you have a question or a special request, please let us know.


Contact: wonton [at]